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Hi, i'm DesertFade. I like computers and gaming. Wanna hit me up? Scroll down to my discord server or use this link.


Sometimes I'm using Twitter, so if you want to follow me there, check out my profile.
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Feel free to add me through steam so we can be friends, chat and/or play games!
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My Discord server:
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Alternatively, add me on Discord with my name + tag: DesertFade.#1741

TeamSpeak 3

Since i'm running a TS3 server with an advanced bot system, you're happy to join it and use its features freely! The server is open for everyone so don't mind inviting your friends to it too!
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My Friend

Secretly, you can check out the website from my friend TheIndra - he helped me with my website and much other stuff! Leave him a visit. :P
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I'm not going to start any youtube career or what-so-ever, but you can still subscribe to me if you want. :D
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Associated Services, Links and other unrelated stuff

Following information is probably not in need for anyone, just something for me to sort stuff. Also, if you don't know where you know me from, possible this list could help you. lol.

* Community Manager of GTA CooP - a modification for Grand Theft Auto V that allows you to play with others even in singleplayer mode. Associated website:

* Owner and Developer of Austria X - an austrian FiveM server which is independent of frameworks like ESX or vRP because most of the stuff is absolutely self-coded.

* Developer of Real Life Online - a german/austrian FiveM server with Los Angeles roleplay setting, created by CSYON and supported by his community.

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